SharePoint file management system of the new generation

Millions of SharePoint users know the problem: you want to open the library with Windows Explorer, but there’s always a reason it won’t work – wrong browser, client tools are missing or some kind of custom SAML (claims) authentication is necessary. In any case, it’s frustrating and it’s slowing down the SharePoint adoption.
With OneDrive for Business limitations, like forced synchronization of the complete library, without the possibility to synchronize only the needed files, and with known synchronization issues, the challenge of offline working with SharePoint files remains present.

Multiple file upload

Upload multiple files and folders to SharePoint libraries through simple copy / paste or drag / drop operations.

Download from SharePoint

Download files, and complete document library folders, from SharePoint, and track download progress of each single file.

Copy or move files

Copy files between SharePoint folders and document libraries, without need to download them first.

Multiple SharePoints

Copy files between multiple SharePoint sites, site collections and farms. Support for on premise SharePoint farms and Office 365 SharePoint Online hybrid scenarios.

Liquid work flows: Splorex mission

Splorex’s mission is to be the SharePoint file management client of the next generation—to return flexibility to the information workers and to increase end user adoption. The Splorex icon will appear in your document libraries, right next to the Explorer icon, giving information workers the ability to start working with their files immediately. It works with Windows Authentication, Claims, and custom SAML providers, including SharePoint Online from Office 365.


Save favorite SharePoint or SharePoint Online (Office 365) folders and libraries as favorites, and access them from Splorex with a single mouse click.

Sort, group, filter

Never search for that file again: sort, group and filter files on any metadata field, directly in Splorex. Multiple grouping and sorting options, filtering by metadata.

File metadata

View file metadata directly from Splorex: all default view metadata, including custom fields are available on glance. Switch to the web interface for metadata editing with a single click. Editing metadata directly from Splorex? Coming in vNext.

Copy, paste, rename...

Standard file operations are accessible directly from Splorex: you can copy, paste, rename etc. your files, regardless if SharePoint or local. And, SharePoint file naming validation is built in, so you can be sure that the names are valid.

More Efficiency: How Splorex works

Once Splorex starts, users can copy files between local folders and SharePoint, between SharePoint folders and libraries – and even between two different SharePoint instances, which can be very interesting for hybrid scenarios(On Premise + Office 365).

Splorex offers a lot of opportunities for more efficient and creative working processes: copying and pasting, dragging and dropping, opening multiple folders and libraries in split view and tabs and gaining on that way flexibility with SharePoint file management. Files can be sorted, grouped, and filtered for easier navigation. Furthermore, there’s no need to switch back to the web interface to see the document metadata; it is visible directly from Splorex. When uploading or downloading multiple files to or from a SharePoint server, users will be presented with the operations queue, with status and progress tracking for each single upload and download.

Ready for future challenges

Of course, we have no intention of stopping here. In the upcoming versions, users can expect storing SharePoint and Local folders as favorites, which will enable them to have quick access to the most popular libraries and folders. Copying attachments from Outlook Messages directly to Splorex is one of the features expected in the next release, as is synchronizing files between two folders—whether local or SharePoint. Managing metadata from Splorex, without going to the SharePoint web interface, will also be released in the new versions.

60% of all SharePoint users use Open in Explorer button on daily basis.

Feature matrix

Sporex V1 (Q4/14) Standard Enterprise
Managing files between SharePoint libraries and/or local folders + +
Split view for easier file management + +
Up- and Download queues + +
Sporex V2 (Q1/15) Standard Enterprise
Tabs for using multiple sites and local folders + +
Resume transfers +
Personalized favorites +
Desktop shortcuts for SharePoint folders +
Sporex V3 (Q2/15) Standard Enterprise
Handling metadata within splore(x) +
Synchronizing files between SharePoint Libraries and/or local folders +
Integration with Microsoft Outlook (saving Attachments to SharePoint) + +
  • Q4 2014

    Splorex v1
  • Q1 2015

    Splorex v2
  • Q2 2015

    Splorex v3

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